Boubyan National Medical Company
focuses on getting Medical Disposables, Medical Equipments, and Pharmaceutical products.

Antano LG 2020

Kolečkový schodolez Antano LG 2020 je navržen tak.


Fits like a Glove.

Vital Energy

Wheelchair energy pad standard.


VideoRehab je systém video procházek po celém světě.

GETT Gerätetechnik

The easy to clean keyboard Simple touch.


The G-EO System revolutionizes gait rehabilitation for all.


High-tech disinfection for reliable hygiene.

Randox Health

a global leader in healthcare diagnostics.


the touchless hand disinfection unit.


Waste disposal reduction system.

Dyna Vision

Dyna-VisionTM Telemonitoring System.


Fast and automatic ABR-screening.

Medical Disposables

We Provide High Quality Medical Disposables.


Our company is managed by well-educated and trained team of Doctors and Engineers with the experience needed to be responsible of large projects.

About Us

Boubyan National Medical Company

is a medical company located in State of Kuwait that focuses on getting Medical Disposables, Medical Equipments, and Pharmaceutical products for the region of Kuwait and GCC region.

The company is managed by well educated and trained team of Doctors and engineers with the specialties needed to run the company.

Our Mission
BNMC is a medical Company that strives to provide patients and Healthcare providers with the state of the art pharmaceutical, healthcare products and solutions in Kuwait and GCC Region. To achieve this we are setting high standards to our daily operations.

Contact Us

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